Thursday, April 28, 2011

Healthy Relationships~by Kurt Klettner 2/8/11

by Kurt Klettner
Valentine’s Day is soon approaching.  Symbolically this day presents a wonderful opportunity to get to the heart of our more intimate relationships.  Intimate relationships may take on different forms.  While many close relationships may be strictly friendships; others may include a more physical level of attraction; while still others may start out as a friendship and evolve into “love.” 
                         Regardless of what form a relationship may take, it is important for you to remember that for any relationship to be healthy it must be based upon mutual respect and dignity.  
            Healthy relationships are relatively easy to spot, as they are often a source of strength, happiness and peace brought about by a willingness to share. However, even healthy relationships require a continued effort to sustain.  Without positive attention relationships can weaken. Selfishness and disrespect, in any of its many different forms, are destructive forces that can eventually fracture a relationship.
            If your relationship changes to where it no longer is healthy, you have a personal responsibility to take action.  Action begins with a self-evaluation of the current situation and the identification of a desired outcome.  The next step is to open your mind to exploring what it will take to heal and strengthen a relationship that is important to you.  In some situations you may find a benefit from pursuing education by way of workshops, seminars, lectures, books and articles that can provide new insights into dealing with difficult times.  If the outlook regarding the survival of an important relationship appears grim, then engaging in counseling may be a valuable decision in an effort to restore balance and good health.   

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