Thursday, April 28, 2011

Student Success Center Offers Outlet for Tutoring ~ by Robyn Bird 2/8/2011

by Robyn Bird
Frustrated students crowd the tables of the library in an attempt to retain the knowledge given to them. Many college students find that when they get to their new school, making an "A" grade on the tests actually requires studying, unlike in many high schools.
In today's fast-paced society, finding time to study is just as difficult as learning. After working, attending class, and dealing with household distractions, taking the extra hour to sit down and read can seem like a waste of time.
Well, have no fear because help is near, the Student Success Center offers tutoring and study aids that can be taken advantage of while still on campus. Janice McCue is currently in charge of the center and invites any student at WVUParkersburg to come on down, literally. Located in room 0404, the Student Success Center is easily found down the steps by the bookstore in the basement.
In order to schedule an appointment call (304) 424-8278 and bring in a personalized copy of the ‘Week at a Glance’ schedule available from OLSIS. The tutors have flexible schedules and can help students in most subjects including English, Math, Science, History, and Spanish.  Every student is eligible for a maximum of two hours per week per course for a maximum of two courses per semester. Spaces are limited and in high demand; the sooner a student signs up, the better.
The center also offers a variety of learning tools. SMARTHINKING, an online resource where students can submit written assignments for review, and Mavis Beacon, designed to help students to practice typing, are just two of the many resources available. 
Tutoring can help more than just struggling students. Tutors expand and rephrase the material in class reinforcing the key points made by the professors. Students also work in group atmospheres allowing multiple students to reach conclusions together. According to, working in a group is better than working alone because it helps prevent procrastination, promote organization, and allows students to convey their thoughts out loud.
According to their website,, ‘One semester, the Student Success Center had 395 students who started tutoring.  The percent of successful students who stayed in tutoring was 93%.  97% of students who received tutoring one semester registered for the next semester.’
            Studying alone can have little effect, so study with a peer and receive quality learning from the Student Success Center because it’s a free aid that can really improve grades.

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