Thursday, April 28, 2011

Theatre Undergoes Renovation~by Ashley Fluharty 2/8/2011

by Ashley Fluharty
Every theatre gets run down after a certain amount of time. Theatres take a lot of care and time to look after. The college theatre is no exception.
Jeffery Byrd, head of the theatre department, has confirmed the recent talk about the theatre undergoing renovations.  The remodeling will begin sometime in the near future.
Although no major construction is planned, the theatre will be taking on some new aesthetic changes.
In order to help with the acoustics, they will be working on the stage and installing a new ceiling. In addition to these changes, a ticket kiosk will be placed outside of the theatre.
However, some things in need are not being taken care of. “Electric,” Byrd said. “I am in desperate need of electric. The electrical wiring is carrying heavy loads.”
In order to get the electrical problem taken care of, it's a multi-layered process. It would involve a lot of waiting, and not to mention money.
Engineers would first have to come look at the wiring, and provide an estimate on how much it would cost to get it fixed.
The college administration will then consider the estimate and whether or not it is feasible. If it can be done, an electrician will be hired.
Overall, this process can take a long time. It's the same process that the theatre department went through to get the renovations that are currently being planned out for now.
Although there are a few new items being brought to the theatre, Byrd is fond of the theatre the way it is.
“It creates a challenge,” Byrd said. That challenge is trying to figure out how to get everything to fit in a small amount of places.
Byrd said he really appreciates everything about the theatre — old and new.  He believes that the staff and students also appreciate the programming offered by the theatre department and are looking forward to the new additions.

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