Thursday, April 28, 2011

Student Briefing for Financial Aid~by Jeff Bell 2/8/2011

Anthony Underwood

by Jeff Bell
Representatives from the Students Services offices are working to prevent future problems with financial aid disbursement.
An information campaign including new signs, increased verbalization and more is attempting to inform students of the importance of completing and submitting enrollment paperwork in a timely manner. “Students that plan on being enrolled during the academic year 2011-12 should have already completed the required financial aid paperwork, or be prepared to do such as soon as yearly tax forms have been completed,” said Vice President for Student Services Anthony Underwood.
Students need to be aware of a few guidelines, which may help the financial aid and enrollment process run more smoothly:
1. Procrastination and a lack of responsibility will directly affect the timely return of any financial aid.
2. It is very important to complete and return all paperwork within 12 days of the request.
3. Consistently check the status of financial aid and enrollment on OLSIS (Online Student Information System).
4. Regularly check for notifications via the student mail account.
5. Maintain eligibility.
Maintaining eligibility is as important, if not more important, than filing early. Lack of proper eligibility can completely stop the financial aid process. Students need to maintain a minimum of a 2.0 G. P. A. as well as a class completion rate of 75 percent or higher.
"Staying proactive and informed during the process of receiving financial aid will help ensure a smooth flow of all paperwork and possible timely disbursement of funds," said Financial Aid Director August Kafer.  For more information regarding financial aid requirements and eligibility see Underwood, in the Student Services in the Student Services office or August Kafer within the Financial Aid offices located in room 1212.

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