Thursday, April 28, 2011

Local Rockers Keep Headbanging~ by Jason Hall 2/8/2011

by Jason Hall
     Once upon a time in a land not so far away, a group of young, crazy, and scary guys created a band called Loaded.
Even though the band seemed appropriately named due to their lifestyle, Loaded did manage to produce two demos: American Scheme and The Present Wake.
After four years of aggressive riffs and combative lyrics, Loaded retired due to forces beyond the band’s control.
     Realizing that Loaded left behind a legacy that reminded people of what rock’ n’ roll used to be, Eric Seevers, who played lead guitar for Loaded, was not ready to pawn his electric guitar, amp, or ideas.
Determined to keep writing songs, Seevers suggested that Loaded make a few adjustments to the line-up to create a more stable band called Liecus with Seevers on guitar and current members Rob Gold with vocals, Joe Bailey on lead guitar, Aaron Higgins on bass, and Mark Hayhurst on drums.
“The thing about all of us in Liecus is that we are influenced by many different artists and that helps us to create some bitchin’ tunes,” said Seevers. When asked what bands influence Liecus, Seevers commented, “I grew up listening to Megadeath and Anthrax; the other guys grew up listening to Avett Brothers, Pearl Jam, Badlands, Ozzy Osborne, Motley Crew, Guns and Roses, Dead Kennedys and Black Flag,” said Seevers.
     Since then Liecus has not stopped ruling the local heavy metal circuit, terrifying those who are weak at heart. Liecus was born in Parkersburg 13 years ago and has been busy producing music and touring ever since.
     Like Loaded, Liecus experienced a few line-up changes since the band began in 1998.
“When someone quits the band it takes time to find someone who we are comfortable with, which is okay. New people can bring something different to the table and it allows us to grow as musicians. The band has matured and has a different sound today compared to what we used to sound like,” said Seevers.
     Liecus is currently hitting the road promoting their latest full-length album Newday, which was released in April 2010. Liecus also possesses a demo Destroy All Nonbelievers and three other full-length albums to their credit, What Have They Come For, Hypocrite, and Distinctive Design.
Touring has taken the band to places such as New York, Virginia, Illinois, and Baltimore- just to name a few. Different bands Liecus has opened for are Misfits, Taproot, Nonpoint, and Saving Able.
“We have played at the Rock’ n’ Roll Hall of Fame and also have a license deal with the NFL Players Association, which will allow the music of Liecus to be used on a website and the History Channel. We are also looking forward to recording with Jerad Mankin who plays bass for a local favorite band called Bobaflex,” said Seevers.  Liecus is still promoting their latest album and recently played at the V-Club in Huntington on Feb. 4 with Bubaflex and will play locally at the Six Pence Pub in Parkersburg, on Feb.11.  

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