Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Basketball 3/8/2011

Harlem Rockets to Appear at Local High School
by Trey Bailey
Basketball, family fun and prizes, how often does a person find all these things together?  Not often, but thanks to the Criminal Justice Organization the Harlem Rockets will make Parkersburg South High School a place where fun games and prizes come together. 
    During a recent CJO meeting members came together to speak on issues dealing with the upcoming event. 
    Total cost for the actual game is somewhere around $3,000, but Drew Kafeli, president of the Criminal Justice Organization, stated, “It's mainly for the kids.  Its such a great experience for them.”  
    A pre-game free throw contest is planned for three age groups ranging from 7-15.  Also, prize drawings will take place during the game.  Some prizes that will be available are an autographed Hines Ward photo and many prize packages, including free oil changes and free food items.
    The tickets for prizes will be given to any individuals who bring canned food. 
    Raising money for this particular game means a lot to CJO members because there are educational trips to be scheduled, however, funding is needed to help facilitate such trips as to Norfolk Navy Academy, FBI Academy and the Virginia Beach Police.
    “The Harlem Rockets is our big ticket,” said Kafeli, while speaking to CJO members at the monthly meeting.
    So far CJO members are attempting to sell tickets at many different locations.  New avenues of selling tickets for the game are being looked into now with the need for future funding. 
    Kefeli, wants to see if CJO members can go door to door to help sell tickets.
    The issue is the need for a solicitor license for selling door-to-door is usually required.  Kefeli will be attempting to meet later this week with the Parkersburg mayor.
    CJO members must not only help to meet monetary requirements for these trips, but also attend three meetings and take part in community service activities. 
    Criminal Justice Program Coordinator Louis Roy stated, “We shouldn't have a problem with reaching our goal of community service hours.”  The organization already has more than 2,000 hours. 
    Some places are carrying tickets as of now, such as Texas Roadhouse and the Mountaineer Family Restaurant.  The need for new ways to sell tickets could help tremendously. 
            The Harlem Rockets game is set for Mar 26 at 7 p.m. at Parkersburg South High School.  For information contact the Criminal Justice Department or Drew Kefeli

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