Friday, May 20, 2011

Facebooking Can Lead to Love 4-12-2011

         by Chris Mixer
   “I’ve never met anyone that makes me feel the way she does,” explains 22-year-old student, Alikka Stephens. He further elaborates on his story by telling how he and the “love of his life,” Sarah Allen, met.
    It was spring of 2010 and Alikka had been having the time of his life, as he had just been released from the bonds of servitude at his mother’s house. After moving in with some friends in an apartment, the search for work proved to be more difficult than he had imagined.
    After many dead ends, he finally found employment at the Parkersburg News and Sentinel.  Shortly after that, he acquired a Ford Mustang that he and his grandfather had been working on for the past few months. All he needed was a lady in his life and everything would be “copacetic.”
    It wasn’t until a few weeks later that he would find his potential soul mate. They met each other on Facebook.
    “At first, I was a little scared about meeting him, but shortly after, I was so glad I did. He is such a good guy,” said Sarah while flashing Alikka a playful smile.
    “I know, right?” her partner interrupted. “I was kind of scared that she might be an axe murderer or something,” he joked. “But, in all seriousness, it is probably the best decision I’ve ever made.”
    They decided to meet at a mutual friend’s house. “I felt like it was love at first sight,” said Sarah dreamily gazing at her man. He couldn’t help but to smile and gave her a big kiss.  
    All summer long they went on crazy adventures, whether it was in town or in its’ rural surroundings. Taking romantic strolls through some of the local parks, such as Mountwood and North Bend. When they’re not enjoying nature, the two lovebirds often watch movies together, as they both pride themselves as being “movie buffs.”
    After nearly a year of dating, they decided to take their relationship to the next level and moved in together. Shortly afterward, Alikka got into a bit of trouble and had to serve one full day of jail time after crashing his Mustang into a number of parked cars. While away on his “vacation,” Alikka was let go from the Parkersburg News and Sentinel and forced to look for other work.
    It was around this time that Sarah talked him into going to college to make his search for work easier.  “I was unsure about it at first but, the more she tried to convince me, the better the idea sounded. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for her. She takes really good care of me, if you know what I mean,” he said with a wink. Sarah did not hesitate to slug him in the arm, and then they both giggled.
    While Alikka is planning to get his Master’s degree in psychology, Sarah is getting her Bachelor’s degree in accounting. “We make an excellent team,” claimed Sarah. “We have some of the same classes together which is super helpful for when I need a study partner.”  “And she usually does,” Alikka laughed. Although Sarah obviously did not find this nearly as funny as he did.
    “Everyone says that living together really tests the strength of the relationship but we haven’t had any problems yet. I think that means that we are meant for each other,” Alikka explained. “The only real issue we have had with each other is deciding which movies to watch in our down time.”
    The promise ring on Sarah’s finger raises the question of marriage. “Not anytime too soon,” Alikka quickly replied. “While we are both very much in love, we are not in a rush to get hitched.” “Yeah,” Sarah agreed, “It will probably be after school, when we are both financially stable and can afford the perfect wedding.” A look of excitement rolled over her face as she explained their plan. “And we definitely plan on having some kids,” she said.
            These lovebirds have a long and arduous journey ahead of them but, they reassure their friends and families that true love will prevail. “I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with her. She is the girl of my dreams and nothing will ever change that,” Alikka said, as Sarah gave him a look inferring mutual agreement

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