Friday, May 20, 2011

Red Riding Hood 3-29-2011

by Trey Bailey

    Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the “Twilight” series, brings to life a children’s story most people can remember from childhood “Red Riding Hood.” This absolutely doesn’t mean its ok to bring young children who have heard the story to the movies to watch this. The PG-13 rating is right on, so no children under 13 should even come close to the theatre to see this bloody, gory and sexually suggestive themed movie. 
    Now for anyone wanting a movie that is similar to the “Twilight” series, you’re in luck. The movie has characteristics that are so similar it’s eerie. As far as the plot of the story, it doesn’t have many parts that will remind you of the children’s story you might have once heard years ago, but rather reminds you of a bloodier version of the “Twilight” movies.
    The movie revolves around the star Amanda Seyfreid playing “Red” or Valerie. Her struggle between two men, Peter (Shiloh Fernandez) and Henry (Max Irons), and the struggle from within are the main issues she is facing throughout. Billy Burke, who surprisingly played the father in the “Twilight” series as well, plays her father.
    The movie starts off in a small village within the deep woods and wastes no time getting right into the meat of the story. Within the first few minutes, the viewing audience already will have a sense of the entire problem and exactly how the townspeople are going to take care of it.
    The acting in this movie seems as though casting efforts were not taken seriously, but rather just mimicked by Hardwicke’s other movie casting.  Except for Oldman most of the other acting is absolutely a step down from even the “Twilight” series.
   As far as ticket sales and merchandising, luckily for Hardwicke and cast, fans of “Twilight” are going to line up to see this film.   As far as its theatrical value, this movie hasn’t been rated higher than a B on any movie reviews yet. 
    This spring and summer will definitely have more box office hits coming.  Look for “Hop” a family movie that will be good for everyone to see, which comes out April 1. Starting in May and working throughout the summer many hit series will be releasing new installments such as “X-men,” “Fast Five” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” 

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