Friday, May 20, 2011

Shawver Finishes his Second Year for the Riverhawks 3-29-2011

by Abbie Sweeney
    At the age of six Riverhawk basketball player Rodney Shawver started playing basketball for fun in his backyard.  In the third grade, he made the Williamstown team. He moved to Williamstown from Columbus, Ohio at the age of four. His new home just so happened to be right across from Williamstown High School. His high school basketball season ended at the regional finals when Williamstown lost by one point.  However, Shawver did receive second team LKC his senior year.
    Besides playing basketball in high school, Shawver also participated in the golf team.  He received the All-State Award his senior year for golf.  He also enjoyed playing baseball and football in his spare time.
    After graduating high school Shawver thought about trying to be a walk-on basketball player at either West Liberty or OVU, but instead he ended up staying at WVU Parkersburg when he found out that the college was starting a basketball team.  He saw a chance to play basketball again and took it by joining the club basketball team in 2009, the same year it began.                   This past season, 2010-2011, the team had more games. Other teams recognized that WVU Parkersburg could actually compete in sports.  Shawver served as a captain of the Riverhawk's team. “I loved coming back for another season at WVU-P and getting to take a leadership role as well,” Shawver said.
    His jersey number read #23 this past season when all throughout high school his number was 21. Teammate Anthony Caplinger received the number 21 when he had been the number 23 throughout his high school career. “We wanted to switch jerseys, but for some reason they wouldn’t let us,” Shawver said.
  Shawver does plan on playing for the Riverhawks next season. “We had a great season this year and we all came together as a team very well in the end,” Shawver said. While in his off-season of basketball Shawver will continue working on his degree in general business.

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