Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Riverhawks Take On the Bobcats-by Abbie Sweeney 2/8/2011

Slam Dunk

by Abbie Sweeney
    With the Riverhawks out with two starters,#45 Cameron Lancaster and #40 Alex Tracewell, the Ohio University Lancaster game still had to be won.  However, the Riverhawks didn’t accomplish this goal.  They lost the game 95-81.  “It was one of our worst games this year,” #31 Keith Penn said.  “We didn’t play as a team.”
    Tracewell was out with an ankle injury from practice, but still went to watch his teammates and keep stats. “It was so hard to sit out the game,” Tracewell said.
    While two Riverhawks were out, Riverhawk Sean Michael was back after injuring his knee in the Wesleyan game weeks before.  He came back playing rough with four fouls and still a minute to go in the first half.
    The game started with the Bobcats scoring a three-pointer right from the jump ball. With only 10 seconds after OUL pointing points on the board, #24 Eric Bohman from OUL fouled Penn.  Penn made one of the two foul shots then the Riverhawks managed to receive the rebound and Michael shot a three-pointer allowing the Riverhawks to take the lead 4-3.  That lead didn’t last very long.  At halftime the Bobcats were leading 51-33.
    Number 23 Rodney Shawver had an off game by missing the basic lay-ups.  He had three breakaways in the first half and missed all three. “He normally makes those,” Tracewell said.                      However, Shawver came back with blocking a shot to take the ball back down the court and assist #20 Brandon Roe on an inside shot.
    The top scorers for the game were Penn with 27 and #21 Anthony Caplinger with 16.  Both players were tied at halftime with ten points each, but Penn seemed to have a stronger second half.
    The next game will be on February 9th against Ohio Valley University. 

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