Friday, May 20, 2011

Look for Evaluations on OLSIS 4-26-2011

by Susan Moore
    It is evaluation time for the WVU Parkersburg faculty. In the past, evaluations were mainly completed during class or through OLSIS for eCampus courses.  Starting this semester, all evaluations will be competed online in OLSIS.
    Evaluations became available through OLSIS Friday, April 15 and will be accessible through April 29.
    The Student Evaluation of Instruction Surveys is a valuable way for the college administration to gather student opinion in reference to the instruction received during a course.
    In the past, the percentage of students completing the surveys have been significantly lower than those provided during class. Student feedback is important for the review process at the college.
    Annual review files of faculty, of which student opinions are a part, are considered in contract renewal, promotion and tenure decisions.
    In addition, the evaluations help instructors assess their strengths and weaknesses and, in turn, improve their teaching. 
    If students do not complete an evaluation, no feedback is recorded.  Only when a student takes the time to fill out the evaluation, does the college administration see the impact an instructor has on the course and instruction.
        The process to complete the survey is simple.  Students need to log into OLSIS and once in their account, click on the link that says "Course Evaluations".
 Select the appropriate evaluation for the course students wish to complete.  Simply answer the multiple choices questions and submit once completed.
            All surveys are confidential. Neither StudentIDs nor any other identifying information will be recorded

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