Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Go Riverhawks!

Last Game Ends With a Win

by Abbie Sweeney

    Basketball season for the Riverhawks is officially over. The Riverhawks ended their last game with a win against Washington State Community College, 95-81.
    Considering the wins previous in the season, Coach Louis Roy put in the Riverhawks second string to start off the game. Points were not even put on the board until Washington State’s #3 Thad Enmis scored a layup with the clock reading 16:49.
    After five minutes of the game went by, Coach Roy put in his starters. Shortly after, Riverhawks #21 Anthony Caplinger received two breakaways less than 20 seconds apart. At the half, the Riverhawks were only leading by ten.
    Coming back from the half, Coach Roy again utilized the second string, but when the game came to the Riverhawks only having a 3-point advantage, the starters went back into the game.
    At the last second of the game, Riverhawk #40 Alex Tracewell almost made a buzzard beater, but the referees said that the timer went off before the ball left Tracewell’s hands. It would have been a great ending to Tracewell’s career for the team considering he plans on transferring next year.
    The team is having a basketball camp Aug. 1 through Aug. 3 for children ages 8 to 14. The cost is $75 per student. The money raised by the camp will be used for expenses for next season like the Riverhawks first game in Kentucky, which will include at least a one-night stay in a hotel.
            Next season, Coach Roy plans on working on the team’s teamwork and have better conditioning.  Also, recruiting will be taken more seriously for next season. Overall, Coach Roy was satisfied with the way the season went. “If we would have played like the last six games for the whole season, then we would have been undefeated,” Coach Roy said

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