Friday, May 20, 2011

Relationship Blooms From Friendship 4-12-2011

    by Trey Bailey

    Who says a Sagittarius and a Leo isn’t compatible?  Just ask Shayna Brooks and Josh Burns and they will have a love story to show that these signs are very right for each other. 
    Shanya is the oldest of three.  Brooks currently works as a retail part-time manager at Charlotte Rousse. 
    Burns is the youngest of three children of Bernice and Charlie Burns of St.Marys, W,Va.  Burns is a transporter at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital and is head of a Chemical Response team.
    Shayna and Burns first met at the Marietta Brewery a few years ago.  As they both recall; their first meeting was very lack luster and could have been easily forgotten.  Burns described it by saying,“All I can remember is Shaya wasnt talking to me at all when I first met her and honestly that drew me towards her even more.  That is the main reason why I stayed in contact with her afterwards.”
    After the two first met, both ended up moving away from the area.  Burns moved to Concord to attend college while Brooks moved to Tennessee with family.  The two would describe their contact with each other during this time as “friends touching base.”
    When the two of them returned to the Parkersburg area, fate came into play.  They describe their reuniting as purely coincidence.  Burns said “I wasn’t even aware that she was back in town until I was in the mall and a buddy of mine pointed her out.  I knew I had to go in and talk to her and we were dating shortly after.”  The two have been dating for two years this April.  Or, as Brooks put it, “two years and three days.”
    Brooks has attended classes on and off at WVU Parkersburg for the past three semesters as a business major.  When asked if she will continue studies here she replied, “I like the college experience but  I think it is going to be easier for me to finish my college with online courses.  I still intend to take those courses through WVU Parkersburg.” 
    Burns has attended WVU Parkersburg and Concord University.  He only needs three classes to complete his Associate’s in Arts degree.  When asked about his college experience Burns described it as “a great experience”.  He also had great things to say about WVU Parkersburg “WVU Parkersburg is probably the best place for college that someone in this area can attend.  I have studied at Concord and the difference is basically the time the instructors have to help students..” He went on to add, “Most teachers there (Concord) had classes of a hundred or more students, while here teachers have much more opportunities to help.”
    The two of them have also taken a class together here, medical terminology.  Brooks said “It was great taking a class with Josh.  It was so much easier to have someone there at all times helping me at the college and at home.   I enjoyed the time we spent studying.” 
    Burns gives advice to students now, “Just take one day at a time.  If you don’t, you'll never get anywhere.” 
    The couple enjoys their time together.  Since they have recently moved into a home together in Vienna, W.Va. 
    They enjoy long walks to the river, watching movies on their days off and many other activities.  Burns describes the time they spend together, “We do everything together honestly.  If I’m going golfing, Shanya is usually with me.  If I am going to visit friends, she is right there with me.  We do everything together.”
    Although the young couple are still a “work in progress” as described by Burns, they are very happy with each other. “I enjoy every memory we make together and hopefully there will be many more,” Brooks said. 
    When asked about marriage as a possible future plan Brooks simply said with a smile, “It’s all up to him.” 
    Burns also spoke freely on advice for couples, “I think the biggest thing that breaks up couples is patience. It's so easy to just get mad about something on the spot, but if you take the time to be patient and calm down you’ll see that having an argument really wasn’t the answer to the problem.”
                                                                                                                                  When questioned about the couple’s ability to juggle school, work and their personal life Burns said, “It’s kind of a hassle trying to juggle all of these things but it’s totally worth it.” Brooks also added with a laugh, “I sometimes get frustrated but when I get home and relax, I also can see that everything we are doing is worth it.  So, like usual, I’m agreeing with Josh.”

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