Friday, May 20, 2011

The new sizzlin' place to be in town is Hot Braza 4-26-2011

Hot Braza-The Brazilian Bar can be part of your meal.

    by Olivia Hefner
    The atmosphere within The Hot Braza leaves something to be desired at the least. The walls are plain and fake potted plants line the walls along with large televisions. It doesn’t exactly scream, “Fabulous Brazilian food sold here!”  However, they certainly do have some of the best food in town.
One of the most interesting things about The Hot Braza, which is located on Avery Street, is the fact that they have a Brazilian buffet. The buffet is served daily and it includes a full salad bar, soup of the day and a traditional all-you-can-eat Brazilian meal. The buffet is only served from 11 a.m – 2 p.m., but it only costs $7.95.
The salad bar is just a typical bar with several dressings and a vegetable plate. Be sure to try the vegetable dip – it’s fabulous. Immediately after the salad bar is the hot bar. Keep in mind that the plates for the hot bar are actually on the right side of the bar, on the other side are more salad plates, which are significantly smaller.
    Spicy smelling foods seem to be the staple at the bar, try everything. The rice and black beans, a traditional Brazilian staple, are always on the bar. They are probably the best beans and rice in the area too. The meatballs have sort of a kick to them as well and compliment the noodles perfectly.
    The bar also offers something uncommonly found in the area – fried bananas. Fried bananas are amazing. It’s half of a banana that has been fried in a sweet breading.  They turn out crunchy on the outside, while the warm banana-inside is practically melting – so delicious.
    Other than the bar, customers can order off of the full menu, which includes a variety of traditional dishes. The menu prices are a little steeper than the bar, but the portions are equal to the price.
    Finally, The Hot Braza pulls out all the stops for dessert. They offer a great caramel flan that has a really thick consistency. They also offer a passion fruit mousse and chocolate cake. However, the one dessert that cannot be missed is the blueberry cheesecake. The cake is massive and covered in perfectly tart blueberries. The reason that it is so delicious is that is doesn’t taste like a complete block of cream cheese like most restaurant cheesecakes. The cheesecake was wonderful and a perfect end to a really great, traditional meal.

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