Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Competition for Subway 3/8/2011

Change Your Lunch from Subway to Penn Station
by Olivia Hefner
There’s only one way to serve a sub – loaded with ingredients and on a doughy, fresh bun. After sampling Penn Station’s subs in Vienna, now there’s only one place to eat a sub.
    A fair warning to all who may want to venture to Penn Station around noon – don’t. This place is absolutely packed and with the limited seating it can cause those wishing to dine- in to wait a little longer.
    Upon entering the restaurant, the smells are so mouthwatering. The menu is small, but each sub packs its own little powerhouse of flavor. Traditional subs like “The Dagwood” and a “Reuben” are on the menu, but it also contains some house originals – like the “Chicken Cordon Bleu.”
    The Chicken Cordon Bleu contains, chicken breast, smoked ham, Swiss, lettuce, tomatoes, honey mustard and mayo. Those already sound great together and the sub looked so tantalizing that it was the obvious option. Remember when placing an order here, it’s placed at the left end of the bar and then check out is at the right end.
    When paying, a very important question is asked. “Do you want a fresh baked cookie or fresh squeezed lemonade?” The answer is “yes!” These cookies are probably the best chocolate chip cookies ever; so good they had to be eaten before the sandwich. They’re soft and chewy with chunks of chocolate just melted enough. The lemonade is good too, not sour – but sweet enough.
    Next, go quickly and snag any seat available, don’t be weary of the bar seats- they’re comfy too. A member of the team brings the sandwiches to the table. The sub was fabulous. It had melted cheese all over it and the Roma tomatoes were perfectly juicy. The fries are amazing, too, wonderfully seasoned and crunchy on the outside with a soft center. They're even fresh cut in the restaurant, so no freezer fries. However, the fries and sub combo is a little much. If taking a date, splitting a small fry would be plenty.
                Overall, the atmosphere is great, the food is amazing, and the prices are exceptionally affordable. A combo is around $6. For the food quality and portion sizes, this place can’t be beat

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