Friday, May 20, 2011

Being a Couple 4-12-2011

by Kurt Klettner

Initially getting together is often relatively simple.  Some couples start out as a result of a chance encounter; while for others it may have taken weeks before the courage was found to ask the other out.   In some instances the relationship may blossom from the roots of a friendship, while others speak of experiencing “love at first sight”.  Regardless of how a relationship begins, the transformation into “being a couple” is a process that involves personal attention.
     The foundation of a stable and long-term relationship begins with identifying those core values that are shared.  Building the relationship requires the infusion of respect and dignity and a support of individuality while simultaneously making deliberate decisions to share experiences that can ultimately create a unique history that serves to strengthen and form two individuals into a “couple’. 
     Being a couple is not always easy.  It is important to understand that all couples can encounter challenging episodes that test the ultimate maturity of the relationship.  These seemingly negative experiences can actually result in a source of growth if both persons are willing to endure the discomfort and make the effort to address the issues.  In some instances the situation may require support from someone outside of the relationship, such as a counselor. 
    The personal value of the relationship will determine the degree to which each person will invest in being a couple.  Couples who are experiencing a healthy relationship find value in being with each other as together they generally feel stronger, happier, and more at peace.

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