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Couples Learn to Work on Issues--by Joe Wolfe 3/8/2011

After the issues are worked out....

by Joe Wolfe
    In any sustainable relationship, outlets must exist that enable, as well as cater to, the attention and care of two like-minded individuals. Within this institution, an outlet does exist that focuses on the process and functionality of healthy relationships in general. “What it really Means to be in a Healthy Relationship” was presented on Mar. 2 at WVU Parkersburg, and is the first of a multi-part seminar that focuses on healthy relationships.
    Kurt Klettner, who organized the event, and is a counselor at WVU Parkersburg, explained, “Wednesday’s seminar was primarily an introduction into the process of healthy relationships. The event’s presenter, LeAnn Bates, who has Master’s level training and is also a licensed professional counselor, talked about the concept of healthy relationships and how we can sustain them.”
    For the sake of clarifying, it is important to state that there are no distinguishing factors that might exclude an individual’s interpretation of a relationship.  “Relationships can include boyfriend/girlfriend, and husband/wife unions.  They could be friendships, and they can include parent/child relations,” Klettner added. “It is important that this concept be introduced to students in a general way because relationships can take on many forms.”
    Presenter LeAnn Bates emphasized the value of expressions of love and expressions of forgiveness. She feels the importance of dealing with issues in a relationship is central to these two forms of expression.  Bates also expressed the importance of understanding that conflict in a relationship is not confined merely to those who fall under the title “couple.”
    In addition, Bates’ presentation highlighted the importance of relationship skills. More specifically, she feels that difficulty in any relationship can be addressed through an individual’s willingness to develop, and utilize new skills. This employment of skills, according to Bates, will enable an individual to further nurture a relationship.
    Part II of the Healthy Relationship Seminar is scheduled for Wednesday, Mar. 23, at 11 a.m. in room 2211. In maintaining courses with the subject matter of the first installment, Bates introduced elements of physical intimacy and the concept of pregnancy. Part II, titled “How to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy – How to Manage Unplanned Pregnancy” will be presented by Judy Ryan, who is a Family Nurse Practitioner.
    To obtain further information, contact Klettner.
            It should be noted that brief counseling is available at WVU Parkersburg through Klettner’s office.  This is a service provided by the student counseling center and is offered to couples who may be facing challenges within their relationships.

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