Thursday, May 19, 2011

Money...Money...Money-by Susan Moore 3-29-2011

Students Hit the Jackpot!

by Susan Moore
  Most Wednesday afternoons, students can find a variety of fun activities happening in the WVU Parkersburg student union.  These events are sponsored by the Student Engagement and Activities organization.
    During last week’s exciting event, one lucky student, Pam Kimble, walked away with $139 in cold hard cash.  Mega Game Show was the name and winning was her game.  This was after three thrilling rounds.
    Two other lucky students, Seth Bond and Jeff Bozoman, took home some extra cash as well.
    The Student Engagement and Activities (SEA) organization have several other events upcoming through the end of the semester.
    During April, events include: Organ Donation Awareness Day, April 6; a Job Fair, April 13; Earth Celebration, April 20; and the Final Finale Cookout, April 27.
    Students are encouraged to get involved during these events.  Each one is geared to add excitement and enhance the college experience.  That is exactly what happened for Pam, Seth and Jeff during the latest SEA event.
    Students participated in a number of game show challenges from various well-known shows, such as:  Let’s Make a Deal, The Price is Right, Family Feud, and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
    There were three rounds in which four students were playing for a spot in the coveted cash contestant seat. 
    After each round, the last contestant standing was eligible for the Mega Cash Cube money finale.
    Each contestant had the chance to walk away with as much as $500.  This was dependent on how many bills they could snag in their allotted time in the machine.
    So next time students find themselves looking for some action between classes, they should check out what the Student Engagement and Activities organization has planned for the afternoon. 
            They, too, could be walking away a winner.

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