Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Going Back to the Past for a Healthier Future--BY KURT KLETTNER

by Kurt Klettner

Have you ever given much thought to the concept of time travel; in particular going back into your past?   Before you rebuff the idea as only a topic for sci-fi movies, I would ask that you consider just how much time you still spend dealing with issues (i.e. prior decisions, the memory of events, etc.) that occurred in your past.  Unless you suffer from amnesia, for better or worse, the life you live today is deeply rooted in your past.   
     Your past can be a source of positive energy, as well as a vacuum that seemingly sucks the joy out of your present day experiences.  Reflecting back on the past can assist you in making better decisions in the present as well as providing positive energy that drives you towards new goals, especially when faced with unexpected challenges.  Unresolved issues, on the other hand, are often at the root of emotional pain that can keep you looking back to the past and unable to truly focus on the future.  Have you ever tried running a race backwards?  You may be moving in the right direction; however your pace will be much slower, it is harder to keep your eyes on your goal and the chances of stumbling increase tremendously. 
If unresolved issues, painful memories or just unpleasant past experiences in general are holding you back, distracting you from your goals or causing you to feel out of balance, then I ask that you consider if working with a counselor is of value to you.  Taking the emotional journey back in time can be a challenging task. The key is to learn from your past without dwelling in it.  Sometimes you may find strength and comfort in choosing not to do it alone, but rather to allow for a professional guide (aka counselor) to help you explore your past so as to experience the peace of mind and heart that you deserve.

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