Friday, May 20, 2011

SGA Elections Online, Candidates Needed 4-12-2011

by Abbie Sweeney
    During the past two years the Student Government Association (SGA) has not had the chance to have their members officially fight for their position in SGA. Whether the position was for president, a vice president, a director, or a senator, no SGA member ran opposition. This year current president Teresa Wamer is hoping that elections will be needed in for members to claim their seats. “I always encourage people to run in opposition. I think it’s good for everyone if the person elected had to work for it,” Wamer said.
    Elections will take place the third week of April. In the past, voting was only in person at a table placed in the hallway. This year elections will be held online for the first time. “It is the first time we have tried this and we are hopeful that it will give all our students the ability to vote for their student leadership,” Wamer said. All students have to do is log in to their OLSIS accounts and fill out their election forms. As of right now, Wamer believes that the ballots will open Monday, April 18, and close Thursday, April 21, at noon.
    An email will be sent out a week before elections to remind students to vote. It is up to each candidate to decide if he or she wishes to campaign for the positions.
    Official candidates have not been announced. It is required that each candidate running for a position will have to officially announce his or her candidacy before the second week of April. Candidates wishing to run for positions are not considered official candidates until the Vice President of Academic Affairs office checks potential candidates' GPA and student statues. The main factor that allows a SGA member to run for a position is to have already been a member of SGA for at least a full semester.
    Currently SGA will be losing President Wamer, and Vice President of Finance, Alyssa Anderson.  “Organizations need change to survive, and I want to see SGA be amazing,” said Wamer.
    Even though Wamer is giving up her role as president, she is still planning on running for a senate position. Anderson is giving up her position in order to spend more time with her two children and concentrate more on her schoolwork.
            The positions that are open for running for the next election are: President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Jackson County Center, five directors, and several senators. “I have the upmost confidence that whoever wins my seat will serve the students of WVU-P well,” Wamer said

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