Friday, May 20, 2011

Music Review: Big T 3-29-2011

by Jason Hall

     Big T is the name and country music is his game. Todd Deming, aka Big T, is a native of West   Virginia.
    After graduating from Ravenswood High School, he continued his education at Marietta College where he played football and majored in music education.           
    Deming eventually left school to travel the world while playing offensive guard for the U.S. All-star’s football team. Deming played for the All-Stars for eight years before deciding to move to Maine.
    During his time in Maine, he soon realized the northeast could use a proper introduction to southern rock. A new millennium had just started and with it came his newly-discovered guitar and vocal skills. The only thing missing was a band.
    While searching for a name of a band, Deming’s brother suggested he use the name Wolfcreek. The name is a hand-me-down from Deming's 1984 band. With his brother’s blessing, Wolfcreek was born again.
    It was not long before Deming began honing his talents by playing gigs around the New England area. After a few gigs, Big T found his calling as a singer and has not looked back since.
    “I’m in this for the long haul, its not easy out there; most people go to Nashville and are promised a record deal, but most bands leave Nashville with broken dreams and empty pockets. Nashville is nothing but a commercialized tourist trap; if you are going to make it in Nashville you need an investor with lots of money,” Deming said.
    He said that anyone could get a record deal, if only they had three million dollars.
    “It’s not how good you sound anymore, it’s all about commercialism and politics,” he said.
    “Justin’s place is respectful, safe, and friendly. Justin is a musician himself so he understands what it is like to be a starving artist. He invested a good bit of money in his establishment. The stage is a real stage and he has some really nice equipment, it’s not just some platform stuffed in a corner like in most bars around here,” Deming said.
            Big T is playing some local gigs in his home state before hitting the road this spring to promote his latest album, Put Some South in Your Mouth.

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