Friday, May 20, 2011

College Proves Difficult for Newlyweds 4-12-2011

Lindsey and Joe Lynch enjoy spending all their free time with one another.

by Sami Daggett

  College students don’t always see their lives as being full of excitement. Choosing between good grades, getting enough sleep and having a social life can often make students feel like they can’t have it all. With the constant classes, exams and stresses, having a normal life can seem difficult.
    For college student Lindsey Knost and her now husband, Joe Lynch, the stresses became much more intense after deciding to get married to each other in May 2010.
    Joe and Lindsey met when they both worked as managers together at the same restaurant. The two hit it off immediately and it didn’t take them long to get married. Now, the pair shares a home in Williamstown, W. Va. with their two pugs.
    Lindsey has been going to WVU Parkersburg since the fall of 2010 and her new husband took on the responsibility of paying the tuition.
    The couple manages their life well. Both partners have jobs and Lindsey, of course is often busy with schoolwork. They admit having more free time to be with each other would be nice, but still save time for each other every day to sit with on the couch to watch their favorite movies and television shows.
    Lindsey originally went to Ohio Valley University for her first year of college. After tuition became too much to handle, she made the choice to come to WVU Parkersburg. She said, “OVU was a much more hands-on college and the counselors are there to help guide you through the entire process of getting your degree. It’s not like that at WVUP. You’re expected to do everything on your own. But I understand it, OVU is a private college, so it’ much easier for that one-on-one experience.”
    “There are certainly things I don’t like about WVUP, but overall it has made a positive impact on my life. Because of the low tuition rates and the fact that campus is close to home, I’m able to live a much happier life with my new husband.”
    Because of her current job as a Pharmacy Technician, Lindsey takes only six hours a semester. She is taking two online classes now and hopes to graduate in 2013 with a Marketing degree. She is aware marketing and Pharmacy are two completely different categories, but enjoys her job and is able to make a decent living while attaining her dream.
    When asked what she kind of job she would like to have after she graduates, Joe answered jokingly for her, “a housewife.” Lindsey then quickly corrected him by saying she’d like to work in advertising for a local company.
    Joe works at Suddenlink as a customer service representative. He is happy to pay for his wife’s education. He smiles at the mention of him paying the tuition.
    When they do have spare time, they love to walk their dogs, watch the television show and “House.” The couple is also very active in church.
    The couple attends Lynn Street church of Christ where they help out with church functions and those in need. Giving back to the community helps the Lynch’s find a balance in their lives.
    “You feel like you're a part of something bigger than yourself when you're able to help people. It really is a great feeling and we just love spending time with our church family.”
    It became obvious within the first few minutes of talking with the couple that they are truly in love with one another. Joe would often stroke Lindsey’s hair as she was speaking and share the occasional loving glance. After being married almost a year, the two still seem to be off on their honeymoon.
   With many couples, the reality of marriage sets in as soon as the reception is over and the guests go home. Although the couples have their troubles at times (their car had broke down a few days prior), they make no mention of being angry or getting into fights with one another.

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