Thursday, May 19, 2011

Olivia's Outlook-by Olivia Hefner 3-29-2011

$Gas Prices Climb$

 by Olivia Hefner
 Gas prices aren’t just affecting the girth of people’s wallets, now they're starting to affect some citizens’ physical well being.  Those who live in the city and have the luxury of biking, walking or using public transportation will not experience the same problems as those who have long, gas guzzling drives to the city to buy food.
Olivia Hefner

    As gas prices climb, people are forced to make cuts in other sections of their spending. Some are able to cut out eating out, or other non-essential items, while some members of society are forced to skimp on their groceries. It’s simply impossible for them to pay for the gas to make the commute to town, and then be able to spend as much as they need to on groceries. Unfortunately, many people stuck in this situation also drive older, less fuel-efficient cars.
    The problem is only partially gasoline, the bigger problem lies within the lack of donations to those less fortunate. Local food banks are really the life force behind the well being of these people.  With the downturn in the economy, food banks are becoming more and more desperate for donations from the community.
    As the economy remains rocky, more people are found wondering how they will feed themselves and their families in the morning. According to Feeding America, last year, 17 million households in America (not on government assistance) accessed emergency food supplies. Also, since the economic downturn, Feeding America has noted a dramatic increase in emergency food operations. Last year, their combined food banks fed 5 million people a week.
            So, as the gas prices rise, remember those who can’t make it to the store and have to choose between getting to work and eating that evening. Grab those extra cans cluttering up the cabinets and help a neighbor in need.

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