Friday, May 20, 2011

Couple Makes it Work 4-12-2011

Gina and Doug pose for a picture after going out to dinner.

   by Abbie Sweeney

    Freshman Gina Sikorski is sweet, pretty and silly according to her boyfriend of eight-and -half-months freshman Doug Gillespie. Gina likes being with Doug because he is handsome, a good listener and he also makes her laugh.
    The couple met at the Jackson pool in the summer of 2010. They both worked there, but they had different job descriptions. Working as a lifeguard was Gina’s job while Doug worked in the basket room where he took money for people to enter the pool area.
    In this couple’s case, it was the girl who made the first move. Gina gave Doug her number, and he decided to text Gina. The couple spent the rest of their summer working together at the pool. When it came time to go to college, Gina left for West Virginia University while Doug stayed at WVU Parkersburg.
    Staying at home for Doug made sense to him because he could get his core classes complete. Also, there is a big difference in tuition between WVU and WVU Parkersburg.
    However, Gina made the decision to go up to WVU. “I always wanted to go away,” Gina said. Even though she was about two hours from home, the couple still saw each other every weekend. If Gina wanted to come back home she had to ride back from Morgantown with her sister. “I normally drove up to see her,” Doug said.
    When the Drake concert was given in Morgantown Oct. 7, Doug bought the tickets for him and Gina to attend as a birthday gift for her.
    But her decision to go away to college did not last long. She only stayed at WVU for her first semester and is now attending WVU Parkersburg. “I came back because I was just confused about my schooling,” said Gina. 
    After all the stressing of the first semester finals was over, the couple spent their Christmas together. A pair of diamond earrings was Gina’s gift from Doug, while she bought him a very expensive Egyptian cotton bedspread.
    The break from college could not last forever. The couple started their second semester at the same college both studying in education.
    Not only are they in the same building for this semester, but they also share two classes together: English 102 and First Aid. “We are not the couple that like does each other's homework. We just remind each other about different homework assignments and when test dates are,” Doug said.
    With the classes that the couple does not have together, Doug will wait outside for Gina or the other way around.
    Gina lives in Williamsotwn and Doug lives in North end Parkersburg. So because Doug’s house is kind of on Gina’s way to the college, she picks him up every morning before class.
    Separate from all the schoolwork, the couple likes to watch movies together and spend time with each other’s families. Since the couple started dating, they always wanted to go walk down by the river by the floodwall. But, because of construction, the floodwall has been kept close.
    However, on Valentine’s Day they could walk by the river. The wall was actually open. Unfortunately just because it was open it didn’t mean that they were still allowed to be down there. “We actually made it past the floodwall opening for the first time, but shortly after we got across it the construction workers told us that we needed to leave,” Gina said.
    Also for Valentine’s Day, Gina made Doug a homemade cake and card. She also went out and bought a box of chocolates. Doug gave her a bouquet of flowers and cupcakes. 
    The sense of caring from Valentine’s Day carries on throughout their whole relationship. “We don’t really fight,” said Doug. If the couple has any kind of disagreement, they talk it out and move on with their relationship.
    Both Gina and Doug plan on graduating from WVU Parkersburg. However, Doug wishes to continue his education and receive his master’s degree at WVU.

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