Thursday, May 19, 2011

Students To Attend Class Via TV 3-29-2011

by Chris Mixer

    Any students in the nursing program who live outside of the Parkersburg area will be interested to hear that an opportunity to continue their education without the hassle of an everyday commute is becoming available.  WVU Parkersburg is announcing its “Expanded Access Program.”  This program will be starting this summer and continuing into the fall.
    These courses are brought to students by live lecture broadcasts, which will be transmitted directly from WVU Parkersburg to the surrounding rural areas.  These broadcasts are solely to help prepare students for a career in nursing.
    This program is made possible by the Rural Health Alliance and the Department of Labor. By doing so, this program allows students to save time and money by not having to make the usual trips back and forth to school. This could be especially important to some students considering gas prices are on the rise.
    By utilizing this technology to its maximum potential, students may be able to someday attend all classes via television. This is helpful for a few reasons such as: people who are sick or injured or those who have lost transportation.
    But, for now, this program reaches out only to students in the nursing program. While the listings here are currently accurate, some changes may occur. The information listings are available at
    Any students in the nursing program that live in the surrounding areas are encouraged to take advantage of this program. The Expanded Access Program is partially funded and made possible by the Rural Health Alliance and by the Department of Labor.       

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