Friday, May 20, 2011

We all Scream for Scream 4 4-26-2011

by Sami Daggett

    It has been ten years since the ghost face killer has haunted Sidney Prescott and those around her.
    “Scream” fans everywhere have all been anticipating the release of the newest addition to the horror franchise, and they will not disappoint with “Scream 4.” The film, directed by Wes Craven, made over $18 million at the box office during opening weekend.
    Just like most “Scream” films, number four hosted several celebrities, including the inevitable return of Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox. Along with the veterans, were newcomers Emma Roberts and Hayden Panettierre.
    There are many similarities in the newest film compared to the three previous Craven directed slashers. The story line is based around Sidney’s hometown of Woodsboro, which starts facing tragedy again after Prescott’s return home. The plot is comparative to other scary movies and often pokes jokes at the predictable scenes.
    With each new film comes at least one new killer. And with each new killer comes several murders. Sidney’s younger cousin, played by Emma Roberts, takes over the role of the high school girl struck by tragedy and made famous by Sidney in the first film.
    The rules of a horror film are broken because of the new decade. No longer are people safe because they’re a virgin or simply because they didn’t say, “I’ll be right back” when leaving the room.  Anyone and everyone is a target for “Scream 4.”
    It’s up to the viewers to decide if the newest movie matches up with or surpasses the others, in my opinion, it most certainly does. “Scream 4” is fantastically entertaining and at times, even a little scary.
      Viewers can catch “Scream 4” in theaters now, along with, “Rio The Movie 3D,” “Arthur,” “Hanna,” “Soul Surfer,” “Your Highness,” “Hop,” “Insidious,” “Source Code,” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules,” and “Limitless.”

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