Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Clubs Underway at WVU Parkersburg-by Abbie Sweeney 2/8/2011

by Abbie Sweeney
    WVU Parkersburg is adding on to the athletics association. The athletes have been on the court, the field, and now they will be on the golf course. 
    The golf team is hoping to start practicing this spring at Woodridge Plantation Golf Course and hopefully get into some pre-season matches. The actual season will start this coming fall.  “I will start working on the schedule the first of February,” said Director of Student Activities Tom Yencha said.
    Coaching the team will be Jerry Rowley as the head coach and Craig Rabatin as assistant coach. Both coaches volunteered for the postion. “I've always had an interest in golf and I thought coaching would be enjoyable,” Rabatin said.
    The golf team would not have been added to the list of athletics for next year if it were not for a donation from Senator Frank Deem to get the team started.  The money given by Deem will be used to pay for the matches and uniforms for the team. 
    Polo shirts and vizors are what WVU Parkerburg is looking at providing as of right now.  The athletes might have to provide their own pants.  The athletes will have to provide their own equipment, too.
    To help funding, the team will join the other athletics in fundraising, such as the candy bar selling.
    The golf team had their own table at the Club Fair that took place in the multipurpose room recently. According to Rabatin, about seven students signed up to participate on the golf team.
    Along with golf, a girl's basketball team is being considered.  However, basketball is more costly than golf so there will have to be enough interest to really push the sport, according to Yencha.  "We are self-funded, which make adding sports tough," said Yencha.
            If anyone is interested in joining the team, contact Rowley at ext. 460 or Rabatin at ext. 484.

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