Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Olivia's Outlook 3/8/2011

Olivia Hefner

Olivia's Outlook

by Olivia Hefner
The days are getting longer and the thick humid feel lingers in the air after a rain. Flip-flops replace the snow boots and tennis shoes, while having the windows down, replaces the heater. All these signs point to one thing – spring. Along with spring comes spring break.
        Preaching about safety on spring break is overdone, although important. However, there’s another danger lurking behind spring break. The danger is something that shall be referred to as the “second semester spring slump.” See, when the weather gets nicer, students have a harder time returning to school – and understandably so. Unfortunately, when a student doesn’t return to school, they end up farther behind than ever before. Remember, the second half of the spring semester can’t be made up.
        It’s understandable about not wanting to return, but it’s halfway over and summer will be waiting with all its glory, and who wants to greet it with makeup classes?
        When the urge to skip hits, think of at least one reason to attend class. Having a driving reason to go can really benefit the drive needed to attend. If no reason appears, make one. The buddy system works really well in motivating someone to return to class. Find someone else who is having trouble attending and buddy up. Before each class, send each other a text and make sure the other person is coming. Even better, partner up on notes – a responsibility to another person will make it easier to go.
        Not exactly a people person? That’s okay, too. A reward for attending class is a great way to self motivate. For every class attended, make a reward that makes attending class worth it.
            Do whatever it takes to stay in classes. They’re almost over and dropping out now, or even worse, just failing to show really puts a mark on records. It’s not something any other colleges want to see, or future employers. A college education is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, even if such a tantalizing summer is just out of reach.

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