Thursday, May 19, 2011

Library Has Access to Textbooks for Students 3-29-2011

by Chris Mixer

While the WVU Parkersburg library is a vital tool used to help ensure student success, it should not be taken for granted. Many students use the library as a place to check their e-mails and update statuses, while others take advantage of the free learning materials.
    The textbooks in the library are free to use, although students may not check them out. This is a blessing for many students who simply can’t afford all of their books or even to students who have lost theirs. But, the question remains: Who buys the books for the library?
    Their respective instructors give some textbooks to the library. This is to ensure that their students are guaranteed access to at least one copy of the book.  However, not all instructors are so apt to give up textbooks nor do they have extra copies to donate. According to Library Director Stephen Hupp, many of the textbooks are bought and donated by Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs Rhonda Richards-Tracy.    
    The idea of having a book drive to help students maintain easy access to needed books was considered, until it was brought to light that the needed textbooks change nearly every semester. So, even if a student wanted to donate a book after using it for a semester, it would probably be outdated.
    Mr. Hupp explained rumors exist that new state laws may   force teachers to donate at least one copy of there required textbooks to the library. Even if the legislation doesn’t force the instructors to donate books, students should still encourage their teachers to relinquish a copy to the library.
            “The library is such a great place for doing research, studying and homework.  It makes it even nicer that most of the textbooks students need are they’re waiting for them,” said Alikka Stephens

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